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A few things about me!

First and foremost, I am a Jersey girl!​

I currently live in Provincetown, MA!

I have a BFA in Musical Theater from the Boston Conservatory!

I have been called a renaissance man quite a bit which used to make me roll my eyes out of my head cause it felt pretentious but now I'm like no wait maybe they're right lol.

I currently work at the Provincetown Theater as the Operations and Theater Assistant, working under David Drake and Gary Garrison. 

I have worked professionally and educationally as an actor, writer, producer, director, administrator, and more.

I love to find ways to broaden my skill set either through developing new talents or sharpening my current abilities.

Ultimately, my mission is to make people laugh! I find the formulaic nature of comedy to be really fascinating- the timing, the specificity, etc. And, not to be gauche, but making other people happy truly makes me so happy. My goal is always to spread joy and love. 

I also make comedy content on TikTok! I have about 40k followers at the moment. 

My handle on all social media sites is @Totocommapeter !!!

Enough exclamation points or what?

Peter Toto Performance Resume (1).jpg
About Me / Resume: Welcome
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