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I am a Jersey girl that currently lives in Provincetown, MA.

I have a BFA in Musical Theater from the Boston Conservatory with an emphasis in Directing.

I currently work at the Provincetown Theater as the Artistic and Operations Associate, working under David Drake and Gary Garrison, as well as performing at various venues across Provincetown.

I do a little bit of everything: I have worked professionally as an actor, singer, stand up comedian, director, production manager, and more. I find that I work best when I work inside out and examine how the whole "machine" works. I believe putting together a piece of theater is an incredible feat of collaboration, creativity, and capability.


Ultimately, my mission is to spread joy and build community through my work. I believe spreading joy and building community are radical acts that help keep the world turning. 

As a queer theater artist (and as someone living in the gayest place on earth), a lot of my work is targeted for the queer community. I am passionate about "genderbent" casting, queer retellings of classic stories, and producing work by and for the LGBTQ community! 

I am a stand up comic and make content on TikTok! At the time of writing, I have about 44.5k followers. (Gauche to include the follower count but some people care about it for some reason!!! blame society, not me)

It's hard to explain myself in a few sentences so reach out! I'd love to talk to you!

My handle on all social media sites is @petermarietoto !!!

I also have a (free!) newsletter on substack called "Peter Toto! The Newsletter!"

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